1. The Bean Patch Fundraiser

    Help support The Bean Patch! This money will be used for equipment and supplies to revitalize The Bean Patch, a farm that was once farmed by famous peace workers, Wally and Juanita Nelson. There may be an ongoing farm residency program to carry forward their amazing work.
    $275.00 donated


The Bean Patch- Growing WILDhearted is an experiment in many things. Among them is alternative-economics. We have elected not to engage in typical crowd funding methods such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo because the idea of crowdfunding is a human idea, of drawing upon lived networks, and does not need to be capitalized off. Thus we seek funding through our own means. We aim to live humbly, carrying on the Nelson’s practice of refusing to buy into a tax-system which supports systemic state violence and war, by consuming only what we need. Although our personal expenses are low, revitalizing a farm necessitates funds! We believe that contributions are not limited to monetary. Although we happily accept donations via our donate button, we also have a “Wish-list” posted, if you are able to donate materials, or loan them for 7 months. We also appreciate donations of time, please contact us if you would like to volunteer on the farm. Wealth exists in our connections to one another, not our pocketbooks. Thank you for giving and exchanging with us in whatever form feels most appropriate to you!